Pioneering Workforce Development: Disnaker Bandung's Micro Workforce Technical Guidance along with Eksad's Innovative HR Solutions

In a stride towards empowering the micro workforce segment, the Bandung Manpower Office (Disnaker Bandung) has taken a commendable step by introducing technical guidance sessions. This initiative, in collaboration with Eksad, a distinguished technological entity, promises to revolutionize the landscape of micro workforce development.

Empowering the Micro Workforce: Disnaker Bandung's Initiative

Recognizing the vital role of micro businesses and informal labor in the local economy, Disnaker Bandung's technical guidance initiative is a testament to their commitment to holistic workforce development. With a keen focus on enhancing the capabilities of micro entrepreneurs and their employees, this program is poised to create a ripple effect of positive change.

Eksad: A Tech-Driven Transformation

Eksad, a name synonymous with technological excellence, brings its forward-thinking solutions to the partnership. With a history of innovation and a pulse on industry trends, Eksad's involvement in this initiative augments its potential manifold. Eksad's state-of-the-art recruitment platform, Redy, and their cutting-edge HRIS application, Prohace, are set to play a pivotal role in the journey ahead.

Disnaker Bandung and Eksad: A Vision for Progress

The amalgamation of Disnaker Bandung's workforce development vision and Eksad's technological acumen is a harmonious synergy poised to redefine the micro workforce landscape. The technical guidance sessions provide micro entrepreneurs and their employees with tailored insights and skills, designed to enhance operational efficiency and growth potential.

Redy: A Path to Optimal Workforce Recruitment

Eksad's Redy platform offers an innovative solution for micro businesses to efficiently recruit the right talent. With intuitive features and a user-friendly interface, Redy streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring that businesses find the perfect match for their requirements. This aligns seamlessly with Disnaker Bandung's vision of nurturing a skilled and dynamic micro workforce.

Prohace: Empowering HR through Technology

Eksad's Prohace, a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), is a game-changer for micro businesses seeking to manage their workforce effectively. From attendance tracking to payroll management, Prohace simplifies HR operations, allowing businesses to focus on growth while ensuring employee satisfaction and compliance.

Envisioning a Progressive Future

As Disnaker Bandung and Eksad join hands, the micro workforce receives a boost that extends beyond the present moment. Through technical guidance, recruitment enhancement, and streamlined HR operations, this collaboration plants the seeds of a more empowered, skilled, and thriving micro workforce.

In closing, the collaboration between Disnaker Bandung and Eksad serves as a beacon of progress for micro businesses and their workforce. With a commitment to innovation, technology, and skill enhancement, this partnership promises to reshape the micro workforce landscape, ultimately contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of the region.

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