Ease of access Data Accuracy & fast medical services are important aspects for medical facilities, MedApp is a Digital Health Solution to connect patients and health facilities with easy management

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Built for the patien​t journey

Engagement to patient with notification

Patient get notification of queue movement so they can adjust thei arrival schedule to the hospital. Arrivals close to thos service time will hace an impact on reducing the crowd of the people queuing at the hospital. Queue information is integrated with the queue display panel in the hospital

Queue System

Simplify the process of getting queue numbers for various hospital service such as : consulting with doctors, using hospital facilities (radiology, laboratories, ect) and purchasing drugs from pharmacies. 

Self Registration Through Mobile Application or Kiosk

Patiens can self register through a mobile application or kiosk, thereby reducing queues at the hospital

Multi Channel Payment

Acceptance of payments can be done easily and flexibly with the availability of online payment systems (credit cards transfers, digital-wallet).

Other Features

Online consultation , integrated with the current system, Emergency assistance to call ambulances and doctors, Rating by customers for each services

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