Dealer Management System

The DMS product is a dealership system built on a cloud platform by utilizing digital technology. This system covers the entire dealership process, from sales, servicing (including queuing systems), spare parts purchases and Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”).

Combining java, mobile, cloud, web and digital gateway technologies, by bringing together the many parts of a dealership on a single interface, DMS platforms allow business owners to monitor dealership operations more efficiently and see the big picture more clearly. This system is capable to serve more than 500 dealers.  

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The Vehicle Sales module provides functionality required for effective vehicle sales management and automation of invoicing and payment collection processes. The module consists of the following components: Vehicle Sales Order,  Automatic or Manual Overwrite Matching between Sales Order and vehicle stock, Pre Delivery Inspection and Delivery Orders, Vehicle Registration Number processing and Invoicing.

Workshop & Services Management

The Service Management module manages activities related to workshop and service department, starting from service appointment, work orders, parts & oil usage, technician/labor working hours to invoicing and cashier operations. The module tracked customer and vehicles service histories, including those done with third party vendors. The system will automatically generate invoice for each itemized parts, oil and labor involved in a work order.

Part Purchasing

The Parts Purchasing module provides facilities to help your company track various parts in multi site and warehouse location. Information collected from each counter related to the used parts for service and the back order which is used to make requisition. System will check the availability and process the approval for Purchase Order. Data for PO can be imported and used with Manufacturer Parts Ordering System.

Multi Channel Payment

Acceptance of payments can be done easily and flexibly with the availability of online payment systems (credit cards transfers, digital-wallet).

Other Features

  • Real time updated inventory information
  • Integrated CRM with marketing automation features
  • Integrated appointment management system for sales and service
  • Customer account management with financing interface, payment management
  • Vehicle and equipment parts and service order management
  • Ecommerce interface, online ordering and retailing
  • Quoting and lending management interface
  • May present specialized features for dealer type
  • Sales and profit analytics

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