Site Reliability Engineer

Jakarta, Indonesia

What technical skill do you need to fill this position,

  1. Python
  2. Shell Scripting (Bash)
  3. Javascript
  4. AWS
  5. Azure
  6. GCP
  7. Kubernetes
  8. Docker
  9. New Relic
  10. Datadog
  11. Principle of Distributed Systems
  12. System Security 


You will be responsible for:

Maintain availability, reliability, and system performance with a focus on techniques infrastructure, security, and user scale.

Collaborate with the development team and operate to planning, testing, and applying best practical in technology infrastructure, also fixing and improvement as needed.

Ensure the right integration between system infrastructure and service and application, and always monitor availability and system performance.

Deeply analyze incident and system performance, also identify solutions of fixing to improve the reliability and scalability system in general.


What criteria of candidates do we need?

Must be an Indonesia Citizen and required to work 100% WFO (Sunter, North Jakarta)

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related major with a minimal GPA of 3.00 must

Have experience in Site Reliability Engineer or related position to SRE at least 2-3 years (Junior) and 3-5 years (Middle to Senior)

Good analytical thinking

Good communication and attitude

Able and good at collaboration with team


Timeline of Recruitment Process

Apply CV

You can apply the Job Application in Eksad Website or Linkedin

Contacted by Recruiter

Candidates who have most related to our requirements will contacted by the Recruiter

Screening Call

The recruiter will schedule for quick call to screen your competency

Interview User

Candidates who match our requirements will scheduled for Interview User and the next step