Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

Jakarta, Indonesia

What technical skill do you need to fill this position,

  1. Data Security AI Model Development
  2. Programming Language (Python)
  3. Library & Framework (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, Keras)
  4. AI Model Development
  5. Machine Learning Algorithm


You will be responsible for:

Planning, developing, and implementing effective and scalable model-machine learning for complex problem-solving using the right algorithm with the techniques needed. 

Compiling, cleaning, and analyzing data to understand the relevant trends, patterns, and insights to be applied in model-machine learning development.

Evaluate model performance periodically, perform the tuning parameter, and do fixing the model for always relevant and by the business or project needed.

Collaborate with data engineers, data scientists, and business stakeholders, always effectively communicating the process, result, and implication of the model that was developed.

Ensure that developing and application model-machine learning adheres to ethical principles and keeping the security and data privacy aspect.

Always deepen knowledge about new technology, algorithms, and evolution in the machine learning world for presenting innovative and effective solutions.

Provide creative and efficient solutions to technics challenges or methodology in model-machine learning development.


What criteria of candidates do we need?

Must be an Indonesia Citizen and required to work 100% WFO (Sunter, North Jakarta)

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related major with a minimal GPA of 3.00 must

Have experience in ML Engineer or related position to ML Engineer at least 2-3 years (Junior) and 3-5 years (Middle to Senior)

Have interest to know and learning about trends in Model-Machine Learning

Good analytical and creative thinking

Good communication and attitude


Timeline of Recruitment Process

Apply CV

You can apply the Job Application in Eksad Website or Linkedin

Contacted by Recruiter

Candidates who have most related to our requirements will contacted by the Recruiter

Screening Call

The recruiter will schedule for quick call to screen your competency

Interview User

Candidates who match our requirements will scheduled for Interview User and the next step